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Oh, hi there!

Hi. My name is Jan Lorenz. Sometimes called J. Lo, Jan, or Lorenz XD Currently a Journalism student in UP Diliman, a former applicant of UP AME, a future sort-of employee of ABS-CBN Program Acquisitions *crosses fingers!*, a center-left-leaning Social Democrat, and an absolute ABS-CBN and MSNBC fan. (Yes, I am not really good at introductions.)

I usually do the friending, but if you want to add me as your friend, then be my guest! It'd be nice if you introduce yourself by making a comment in this post ^_^

NOTE: For J 109 peeps, my articles are tagged J 109. But you're compelled free to read my other posts as well ^^
Here's my debut on one of PBS's radio station, DZRM Radyo Magasin 1278 kHz, for the program Hatid Sundo. My internship just got more interesting, yes? XD

Oh, and I've just realized that we will be doing this show WEEKLY for as long as our internship lasts. If you want to listen to my whiny voice live, just listen to Radyo Magasin every Wednesdays from 10-11am PST. If you find looking for 1278 kHz (AM band) on your radio sets frustrating, you can listen to the live audio streaming at www.pbs.gov.ph, and click on 'Radyo Magasin.'

Daer LJ world,

Since when did the Friends page decide to become a bitch and not show every post from friends I subscribe to? I can only get up to skip?=10, then nothing else shows up :/ Does anyone else experience this problem?

OK gotta go to sleep now. I have to enroll AND look for internships :(

Hey, guys! Let's play a game!

Can you tell from which fandoms these yaoi doujinshi are based from?

Some of them are pretty obvious: Fullmetal Alchemist×××Holic, Samurai X (partly concealed in the second pic), (I think I see one from) Okane Ga Nai, Bleach (not sure about this one. Is it the one on the lower right corner of the first pic?), and—surprise, surprise—The Prince of Tennis. Not sure about the other ones, though.

Oh, in case you're wondering, these are from Genshiken OVA 1 (the screencaps, not the doujinshi :D).


Rhetorical question:

From The World God Only Knows II Episode 8


RIP Prof. Simbulan T_T

I've just found out about Prof. Simbulan's death a good 4 hours after it happened. And I didn't find it out from the news; rather, an online friend texted me. Utter devastation ensues.

Let me say right off the bat that Prof. Simbulan is one of the best, if not the best, profs I've ever had. She's quite jolly when she teaches, very mabait, and patient with her students. She was my professor in J 103 (Interpretative Writing), and was supposed to be my prof in J 121 (The Newsroom) this coming sem.

She will be missed. Sorely missed.


Self-loathing, ahoy!

Hi, guys! It's been a while. A long while. Hehe.

Just gone through a bad episode of depression, no thanks to the Comm Res 101 research paper that I decided to cram. (Good thing I got a 1.25 in that subject :D). In fact, I've just realized that I've gone through some episodes of depression in the past, especially during midterms and finals periods.  I think it's due to the stress brought about by deadlines, particularly in papers and articles.

I'm quite OK now, but a new symptom that came this time around - waking up too early in the morning - is still present. My precious sleep *sadface*


To further practice my writing skills which has been proven to be shit by the Feature Writing course that I took, I've decided to pout up a column for Zen Otaku Honbu, the local anime news group that me and my friends at the ZOH Forums set up (it's a long story XD). My column, entitled PBN Weighs In, will contain my opinions about the latest trends in anime in the Philippines.

My first post will discuss Tagalog subtitles on anime. Yes people, they exist, all thanks to HEROtv.
(Enjoy my first column post, courtesy of this fake cut :D)


Speaking of blogs and writing, I scoured through my previous LJ wntries to find the one with the link to the ANN Answerfans entry I've sent in that made its way to the site. This meant that I had to scan through those entries one by one. Which led me to realize just how bad and carefree those entries were. Wew -_-

Oh well, if I ever get to post in this blog regularly again, I might go back to that style of writing anyways XD
Good thing HEROtv had the same question on their mind.

So they experimented with Tagalog subtitles, and here's the preview of the "Initial D: Extra Stage OVA" premiere:

Some lines are kinda matalinghaga, IMO. Pero OK na para sa akin XD


I am rendered speechless by the scenes of devastation in Japan. And there are now reports of a POSSIBLE RADIATION LEAK in the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Let's pray for Japan like there's no tomorrow.


I can has tumblr?

Mad City. uke!John Travolta. That is all :D

Will post a more appropriate, stress-induced post when I have the time (or when I get to have my own PC/laptop/whatever /parinig).
Just saw [Law Abiding Citizen] on Star Movies (so they're really pushing through with this English audio with English subtitles thing? :/), which reminded me once again why I feel uncomfortable watching movies. The back of my mind left me wondering if such a intelligent yet sick person (played by Gerard Butler) is real. My emotions would get so into the movie that I'd forget that all of it is just fantasy.

Oh and another thing. Watched [The Wizard of Oz] during Film 100 class 2 sems ago. Towards the end of the film, I cried. I EFFIN' CRIED. For some reason, I felt that the whole movie was a metaphor of what I was experiencing during that time. God, that was embarrassing. Good thing he already dropped out of the class since the second meeting, lest he made it the talk of the town or something.

*sigh* When will I learn to appreciate watching movies without it keeping me up at night?


Thanks to hibimaosuki , my interest in [Kuroshitsuji] was revived. So I need to read the manga from where I left off (Chapter 37, I think?), watch Season 2 from episode 3 onwards (which I'll be able to do thanks to my friend/classmate Alea XD), and the second myu. Good luck naman sa akin -_-

Actually, the number of TV-friendly anime (*cough*) I'm keen to follow has increased, thanks to TV5 and HERO TV (and a little bit of Animax as well). They are:
[*] Naruto (First love fandom never dies. It just wanes a little.)
[*] Tutor/Hitman Reborn
[*] Toradora
[*] Special A
[*] Kaze no Stigma
[*] Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
[*] Gundam 00
[*] Code Geass
[*] Hetalia, in all its forms XD
[*] D.Grayman
[*] Kuroshitsuji
[*] Big Windup
[*] TeniPuri (or at least the offcourt drama and hilarity parts XD)
[*] Death Note (...or maybe not. Depende sa mood :D)

I may or may not have forgotten something in this list, so it's still up for revision. Why I posted this... I not sure either XD Oh yeah, this is to remind me of what I am missing as I tread through what I foresee as a stressful semester -_-


Oh, and did you know that this is my first time to go online since Thursday last week? My sense of patience, it is amazing XD

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